The Best of Tenali Raman stories for Kids

Hello Guys! Welcome to Alertsvala. Today i’m going to tell you about Tenali Raman Stories, I know most of you guys not like cartoons and kids stories but, just trust me Tenali Raman stories not one of them. If you read this stories you brain IQ will increse and it will give you lot’s of solution amongst the problem.

Who is Tenali Raman?

Tenali Raman was born in Hindu Brahman family. He’s father name is Garlapati Ramakrishna and his village called Tenali. Tenali Raman’s father served as a priest in the Ramalingesvara Swami temple in Santharavuru.

Tenali Raman was a poet, scholar and special adviser in a court of shri krishnadevaray. krishnadevaray was the king of the Vijaynagar between 1509-1529.

Tenali Ramakrishna Stories in English

As you already seen the Table of contents, as per i write 5 extraordinary stories of Tenali Ramakrishna Stories in English. You can also read other vikram vetal stories and if your want to read God stories in hindi, Chanakya niti and much more.


The rivalry between Vijayanagaram empire and Bijapur Kingdom had many other stories to tell. Once the Bijapur Sulthan sent another spy to Vijayanagaram The ‘astrologer spy’ revealed that the king will die if he crossed Thungabhadra river.

It was a preplanned idea of Bijapur Sulthan to prevent Krishnadevarayar from entering into his country. If Krishnadevarayar wants to attack Bijapur, he has to ceross Thungabhadra river. The king was in a fix. He was on the move to attack Bijapur The queens and ministers prevented the king when they heard of the astrologer’s advice. As usual the king sought the help of Raman to solve the problem. Raman believed that the astrologer is a spy of Bijapur Sulthan.


The king asked him to prove the charge. Raman agreed, but on one condition. ‘Permit me to carry out the punishment also if it is proved that the astrologer is a spy’, Raman said. The king agreed and called the astrologer to the durbar.

Raman asked him, *You are a great astrologer. Tell me when will you die? as an astrologer. He also became a great friend of King Krishnadevarayar. After 34 years’, the astrologer replied quickly. ‘You are 43 years old now. That means you will die when you attain 77 years’, saying this Raman cut the astrologers head, with a sword kept in his waist.

The astrologer died on the spot. Raman proved that the astrologer’s prediction was wrong. After a thorough search on his body, several clues were recovered to prove the espionage.

The king later crossed Thungabhadra river, fought against the Bijapur Sulthan and won the battle. The king rewarded Raman as usual.


The King Krishnadevarayar had an affair with a Devadasi’ (temple dancer) named Krishnaveni. He was sure that she was not involved with any other men.

The king wanted to marry her. But he was afraid of the public hatred as most people disliked Devadasi girls.

As usual, the king sought the help of Raman. Raman earlier disagreed with the king’s intention. ‘It is to amass huge wealth, that the Devadasi pretends love. She will elude you if she finds a man wealthier than you’, Raman advised the king. But the king was not prepared to give up his plan.

‘She is not like that, she has dedicated me in her heart. If you prove that, she would elude me and love any other man, I will present you 1000 gold coins’, the king promised Raman.


Raman was excited. He thought of gaining 1000 gold coins. Raman availed of three months leave from the routine palace work. He reached near Krishnaveni’s house and began to meditate under a banyan tree. For that purpose, he dressed like a sage. Krishnaveni saw the ‘sanyasi’ and reached near him.

He gave the Devadasi 10 gold coins and requested, ‘Can you buy me fruits with this money?’ She was surprised. A sage in possession of gold coins. He may know the magic of making money, Krishnaveni thought. Otherwise he would not spend such an amount to buy fruits. The sage gave the same amount several times to the Devadasi, for purchasing fruits.

Several days passed. The Devadasi became closer to the sage. Their affinity towards each other increased day by day. One day Krishnaveni requested, I understand that you know the magic of making money. Kindly teach me the trick’. The sage became happy that he was going to succeed in his mission. He replied, Like your interest of making money, I too have an interest in you’ Krishnaveni tried to object it, ‘it is not proper for a sage to get attracted to women’.

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Why are you interested in making money? You are soen going to become the queen of Krishnadevarayar. The king has huge wealth in his custody’, the sage said.

But Krishnaveni was eager to learn the magic of money making. She thought, If I learn the magic, by pretending love to the sage, I can earn lot of money and marry a man according to my choice’. This was the attitude of Krishnaveni. Raman in disguise as sage put forward certain conditions before the Devadasi. I will stay in the house near the temple. You should send me a love letter. It should contain the request inviting me to your house. I will do the rest as soon as I receive the letter’, Raman suggested. Krishnaveni agreed to do so.

As soon as Raman received the letter, he showed it to the king. He understood that the Devadasi had no sincere love for him. He gave 100 gold coins to Raman as promised. Raman got additional gifts from the queens, as they were happy with his performance. It was Raman’s work that saved the king from the Devadasi’s trap.


Tenali Raman and the court priest Tathachary had different habits and manners. While Tathachary praised the king for his selfish motives, Raman was just the opposite. He was bold enough to criticise the king.

He did not flatter anybody for personal gains. Once the king arranged sumptuous meal at the palace. Tathachary and Raman had also participated in it.


Tathachary said. “Is there anything in the world which gives more happiness than king’s hospitality of providing food?. Raman disliked the priests flattery. Purging is more happier than sumptuous food’, Raman countered..

The King Krishnadevarayar also did not like Raman’s reply. He intervened. Raman agreed to prove that his stand was right. The king nodded consent. Raman put the king in a closed room, at the time of nature’s call.

The king had to reach the toilet soon. But he was trapped inside a closed room, by Raman. The king was uncomfortable. He cried with stomach pain. At last Raman came and opened the door.

The king defecated well. He was relieved. When he came out of the toilet, king thanked Raman for letting him free, The king sighed relief. Defecation is more joyful than eating, isn’t it lord?” Raman asked. The king had no different answer. Thus Raman once more proved wise and intelligent.


The king possessed a parrot. It always chanted mantras. People believed that the parrot had divine powers.

The king told the uniqueness of the parrot to Raman. We too achieve God’s grace by chanting mantras like this bird’, the king said. The king gave a fruit to the parrot, which was locked in a cage. As soon as it received the fruit, the parrot began to chant prayers. After that the parrot ate the fruit.

Raman opined that the parrot had no such divine powers. It chanted prayers in order to receive the fruit. The king challenged Raman to prove his argument.


Raman accepted the challenge. It won’t chant any prayers from tomorrow onwards’, he assured. The king offered 100 gold coins to Raman if he succeed in his mission. Next day, Raman brought a cat and tied near the parrot’s cage.

Seeing the cat, the parrot started to cry loudly. It thought that the cat would kill him. The bird didn’t chant prayers afterwards. It was concerned only with its life and safety. Thus Raman proved that parrot had no divine powers. Raman received 100 gold coins from the king as gift.


The bad news of Brahmin’s ghost spread all over the Vijayanagaram empire. Naturally people were in fear. Even two days after the proclamation, there was no response from the public. On the third day, the king was sitting gloomy in the durbar. Tathachary also sat beside the king. A soldier came before the king and announced the arrival of a sage. The king ordered to bring the sage in. The sage came.

He wore a saffron dress. He had long hair and beard. The long matted hair extended up to his navel. He wore a beads roll around the neck. Altogether the king liked the sage. ‘I am ready to evict the Brahmin’s soul. Are you ready to reward with anything I demand?” the monk asked. ‘I am ready. But don’t ask things which would, affect the reputation or wellbeing of the nation’, the king clarified.

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The sage agreed the condition. The king had other ideas in mind. ‘Along the eviction of Brahmin’s soul, is it possible to absolve from the sin of killing Tenali Raman?’ the king asked the sanyasi. The monk replied, “As a result of my obsequies, things will proceed as if the Brahmin was not killed at all.’ “In that case can you revive Tenali Raman’?, the king doubted.

If Tenali Raman resurrect, he will become regular nuisance for you, so it is better to perform obsequies for the killing. Do not revive him’, court priest Tathachary told the king. It is well known that Raman was a threat to Tathachary. ‘As per rule, how can the order of a king to kill the law-breaker become a sin ?’ the monk said.


liven if it is for maintaining law, act of Killing is a Killng and it is sinful. We must bury the soul of Raman’, the court priest said. The harassment of the ghost is at the temple, which is seven furlong away from here. You have lo go there. We will make all necessary arrangements for the pooja tomorrow’, Tathachary added.

But the monk had other ideas. He said, ‘Al the rites can be done here itself now.’ He saw fear gripping on the face of Tathachary.’ Even if Tenali Raman is alive, it won’t cause any harm, as he became a ghos unnatural death’, the sage consoled Tathachary. The sin of killing a Brahmin also has to be expiated’, the king suggested.

lord,I am doing both the rites together. Don’t worry’, saying this the ascetic removed his beard and matted hair. The king became excited. Tathachary moved back with fear. ‘I am the Brahmin, killed by you’, he told loudly. It was really Tenali Raman. Thus Raman appeared alive at the court durbar. All of them believed that Raman was dead. The king asked Raman “What do you want from me?’ ‘A thousand gold sovereigns and release from death sentence’, Raman replied, at once The king accepted the demands and acted accordingly.

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