YouTube Music Rolling Out Live Lyrics Feature on Android, iOS


Revolutionizing the music-listening journey, YouTube Music is dedicated to enriching user experiences. The renowned music streaming app is actively working to introduce a captivating feature – live lyrics. This innovative addition is set to empower users across both Android and iOS platforms, bringing dynamic lyrics to life. Drawing parallels to the functionality on Spotify, where lyrics accompany the playing song, YouTube Music is gearing up to unveil a comprehensive live lyrics feature to its wide-ranging user base. While it’s important to note that this feature might not be universally accessible for all tracks at the present moment.

According to insights shared by 9to5Google, YouTube Music is on the brink of rolling out its much-anticipated live lyrics feature across its Android and iOS applications. This immersive feature takes the form of synchronized lyrics, enhancing the user’s connection with the music. As the song plays, the currently sung lines will be prominently displayed in a striking white hue, while the remaining lyrics gracefully adorn the screen in a subtle shade of brown. Gadget360’s independent verification of this attribute underscores its implementation.


Navigating through this enchanting feature is seamless. By selecting a song that comes with associated lyrics, users can embark on an engaging journey. Tapping into the Lyrics tab on the active screen brings forth the mesmerizing live lyrics experience. This integration is set to roll out with YouTube Music’s version 6.15 on Android and version 6.16 on iOS. In the event a user encounters challenges accessing the live lyrics, a swift swipe on the recent screen can be attempted to gracefully conclude the app.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that while the live lyrics feature is in motion, it might not cover the entirety of the music library right from the onset. This signifies that users may need to exercise a tad more patience in anticipation of live lyrics for their favored tunes, should they not be accessible immediately. The inception of the live lyrics feature made its debut earlier this year in April. A previous analysis described how this function enhances standard songs with dramatic flare, increasing the visual attractiveness of lyrics through altered font sizes and spacing.

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